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Soapstone pot and Wonderbag

Heat absorption and retention is super important in solar cooking. Thermal mass = the temperature and the weight of the food and the pot. Thermal mass is an important consideration for slow cooking foods like stews.

Last week I used a very heavy pot (soapstone) which was heated in the All Season Solar Cooker Camper for an hour before the food was placed inside. 3 large stuffed bell peppers at refrigerator temperature. 90 minutes later, I removed one pepper for lunch. The other two peppers, still insise the soapstone pot, were placed in the Wonderbag. 5 hours later the remaining two peppers were served. They were more tender than the earlier one. The pot was still too hot to touch. The peppers steamed when the lid was opened.

Light collection (ASSC Camper)

Light Absorption (black soapstone pot)

Heat retention (cooking bag)

Duration (ASSC Camper adjustability)

Heat retention cooking (soapstone pot and Wonderbag)

Great solar cooking day, mid winter.

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