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Best by Design

The All Season Solar cooker is truly different.

Designed from the ground up and based on 40 years of experience with solar cooking - the good, the bad, the crazy, the impractical - the ASSC was purpose built to achieve exactly what it achieves - in the Best way.

Best for durability. The All Season Solar Cooker construction uses 100% waterproof polypropylene flute board. Thousands are in use around the world, many of them over 15 years old, and still producing like brand new. No wood frame to dry out and split, or warp. No gaskets to deteriorate in the sun. No glue that will fail when wet or dried by heat. No metal reflectors to dent or bend, no hinges to break, no fragile glass tubes to shatter. The ASSC is one tough cooker.

Best for outdoors. The ASSC uses outdoor-rated aluminized film - just like the utility-grade films used in commercial solar power plants. Our film will not lose its aluminum backing. The shiny aluminum is protected by a 2mil layer of UV resistant polyester.

Best for travel. The ASSC is lightweight and folds flatly and compactly for travel. Fits in that last narrow space in the trunk, behind the seat of your truck, under the mattress in the RV or under the bed or back of the closet at home. It is there when you want it and not there when you don’t.

Best for cooking. The ASSC uses readily available cookware that you can find anywhere. No narrow trays or fragile glass tube to shatter. Regular 3 to 5 quart pans that you find in every department or big box store. Just make sure the pan is very dark in color and has a clear glass lid. You can even use the 15 pound Graniteware turkey roaster, cast iron skillets and amber colored mason jars.

Best for efficiency. New from the ground up, the ASSC is the only solar cooker that is designed to accurately capture the sun from dawn until dusk. No other solar cooker on the market can do this. You can cook morning, mid day, afternoon. All other solar cookers are designed to cook mid-day only. The ASSC’s unique design will produce two to three times the amount of cooked food on any solar day.

Best for price. The ASSC is the low cost leader for solar cookers. Costing hundreds of dollars less than the competition, it will out-cook, out-last and out-produce any other cooker.


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