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Bold Newby cooks two pots at once aka, solar encounter or the best kind

Good morning Jim, I’m cooking a whole chicken and some pork ribs. I’m assuming it’s OK to have two pots at a time cooking? George.

You will be fine. The black pot looks great. The brown pot looks like rusted cast iron? Try seasoning the top. I have cooked a 13 pound turkey in January and had it ready for a 2pm dinner. Use your food thermometer. The oven thermometer I see will not tell you if your meats are done. I use a probe type that is inserted into the meat. That’s the safe method. Especially with pork or chicken. Please send photos of the food when done

Thank you so much for your coaching Jim. Both the ribs and the chicken are falling off the bones. The highest temperature we got was 250°. I came in and took my cooker apart and re-folded it for for an hour. I’m please the shape is a little bit more like a stop sign. I can’t wait to try it now and see what kind of temperatures we get,


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