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Fight Inflation!

This is a little more engaged than I usually get, but it needs to be said...

I was born in 1948 - so I have seen some stuff and I know some stuff.

Begin Rant

When it comes to increasing prices (inflation) there is only one way to fight back:


It works. A few years ago when gasoline prices were approaching $5 per gallon, a lot of us started carpooling. People like me who lived far (12 miles) from everything began planning and combining (get hardware, groceries on the way home from work, not as separate trips)

Enough people did it that the reduction in traffic was noticeable!

Within a month Overall gasoline consumption dropped, miles driven dropped. and... wait for it... the price of gasoline dropped! And after the prices dropped we kept up the new behavior.

It worked then and it will work now.

Where I live the local utility thief skyrocketed the price of natural gas. The ONLY recourse any of us had was to use less. Which meant turning down the heat, using a solar cooker when possible or an electric hob when not.

Change grocery stores! Shop around. Reuse, repurpose - do not replace.

As long as we all willingly pay high prices, inflation will continue. Why wouldn't it?

End Rant

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