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Noisy bags work too!

Recently I have been experimenting with HDPE bags. These are commonly found in the produce department of your grocery. You will know them because they are noisy. But the grocery ones are often colored or printed and are very very thin - so strictly single use.

However, there are other HDPE bags. The ones I use come on a roll and are sold as office trash can bags. You know the type - difficult to open, hard to shake out and with a weird knot at the bottom that I have never figured out.

Well, turns out that these bags are fairly large, very inexpensive, and hold up well - especially when cooking moist foods.

I am getting multiple uses from each bag.

Just like the bags supplied with the ASSC Camper, these are not designed to ever touch your food. The food goes into your cooking pot, the cooking pot goes into the bag.

I get mine at Costco


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