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Prepping and surviving

Healthy Cooking?

Going Green?

Being Prepared?

The All Season Solar Cooker covers all these bases and more.

Foods cooked in a solar cooker are healthier and more flavorful. Because the All Season Solar Cooker operates at a temperature that is lower than your conventional oven, foods do not burn and toxic charring does not occur on meats, poultry or fish.

Whoever said that you need to sear steaks or roasts to “keep the juices in” has not used a solar cooker. All of my meats and poultry finish tender and juicy, never dry, No sear? No problem!

Because they are not exposed to high heat, even the well done meats remain tender and juicy. No drying!

Speaking of drying, the All Season Solar Cooker makes an excellent dehydrator for your garden produce. The way I work mine is to harvest and dehydrate daily. Those perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables that are not consumed that day are sliced thin and placed on racks in the cooker. Root vegetables such as carrots or beets take about 2 hours here in southern California. Leafy vegetables such as Kale or Chard get potato chip crisp in about an hour.

Going green. Did you know that solar cooking is the only method of cooking that does not produce greenhouse gases? Electric, gas, wood - all put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Regular use of a solar cooker can shrink your carbon footprint. And during the hot summer months this method of clean outdoor cooking reduces the work that your fans or air conditioners must do. Save money. Reduce Carbon. Great taste.

We all need to be prepared for disruption of infrastructure. Here in Southern California a single earthquake can turn us into a third world country. That, and the need to be self sufficient might last for weeks if not months. How you prepare depends on where you live. But regardless of where you live, you will need a fuel source - firewood, stored liquid fuels - both might be quickly depleted. You want stored fuels to last as long as possible. And that is where solar cooking comes in.

Solar cooking will help save stored fuels. If you use solar cookers for - cooking, water pasteurization, heating water for showers and dishes, preserving foods through dehydration. Stored fuels will last much longer when used in conjunction with solar cooking

Solar cooking is an important part of any preparation plan.


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