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Prepping Rant

Will I be part of the problem?

Having been through a couple of wildfire evacuations, 9/11, and the outbreak of Covid, I have witnessed just how quickly the store shelves will empty.

During a wildfire evacuation, I witnessed how many families did not have one single piece of camping gear -sleeping in their cars or on the ground, waiting in long lines for emergency services. And those lines would have been much much longer if the other folks I saw were not successfully camping in our desert evacuation location.

Simple fact: If I am prepared, I don't have to stand in line and compete for food and services. And nobody has to stand in line behind me. I am one less person stripping the supermarket shelves, hoarding water, depending on government services.

So I prepare. I can stand strong and independent much longer than those who are not prepared. I can be on a well stocked camping trip while others wonder where their next meal will come from.

It feels good to be prepared.

I will not be part of the problem.


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