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Trouble shooting - Cover your basics

Cooker does not heat

Study page to of the instructions. Correct shape is important. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the front edge of the upper reflector and the front edge of the lower reflector. This measurement should be 28” plus or minus 1/2”. So 27.5” to 28.5 inches.

To achieve proper shape the cooker must be broken in. Take the cooker apart and flex all the joints several times. All the way one way, all the way the other way. Several times. This relaxes the plastic and the cooker will have the correct shape on subsequent assemblies.

Food does not get hot

Use a dark colored pot. Preferably black and thin with a glass top or a solid black top. Black Graniteware is an excellent choice. Their “ 3 pound roaster” or any of their bean pots are fine. I use the 15 pound roaster for turkeys

Pot is over full. Fill the pot no more than 2/3 full. If you fill the pot all the way to the top, this will slow cooking. A 2/3 full pot works best.

Use the sunsight to focus. The shadow should always be inside the ring. The shorter the shadow, the hotter the cooker.

Do not use light colored pots. Do not use shiny silver lids on the pots,

Food did not finish cooking

Start earlier in the day

Use a food thermometer to determine doneness.

Cook less food at one time. Do not overload the cooker or the pots

I am using glass bowls and the temperature in the glass bowls does not get above 230º

The temperature inside the glass bowls can be misleading. The temperature inside the black pot and the temperature of the food is what’s important.

Thousands of users around the world use the cooker for everything from rice to roasts to cakes and bread.

What we want is safely cooked food, not a lot of heat inside the glass bowls.

Solar cooking requires some practice and I highly recommend that you practice before you take the cooker camping or invite friends for a solar cooked meal.

Don’t give up. Solar cooking is different. The All Season Solar Cooker has been described as “Hands down, the very best cooker out there”.


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